about sefofane travel


Who is Sefofane Travel

Sefofane Travel is borne out of a desire to bring travellers and travel providers together. Sefofane Travel is a platform that facilitates and coordinates the traveller’s requirements by providing one single point of contact where flights, hotels and rental cars can be sourced, paid for and enjoyed.

Whether it is travelling locally in South Africa or internationally, Sefofane Travel is your preferred point of reference where value for your money is our priority. On this platform you can make bookings by yourself or request us to facilitate your travel arrangements. Booking online means that you pay quickly and safely online with your preferred payment method and you’re off!

about me

Who is Leslie Mashishi

Sefofane Travel operates under the stewardship of Mr Leslie Mashishi who is the sole director of this company. Mr Mashishi is an entrepreneur at heart with interests in travel, ecommerce and property among others.

Being a traveller himself, the aim of Leslie Mashishi is to build Sefofane Travel into a simple, approachable yet efficient travel website that must solve the travel challenges of even the simple man or woman in the street. The aim is to make travel not just a commodity, but a way of life.

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